Need physical dimensions - height of pole? Wing span? What is footprint of base?
Please refer to our on line PDF of the manual:


Labeling - can it go on wings? On  pole?
Yes, label has to be made so that epoxy coating can be used to put the labeling on the blade and clear epoxy coating can be applied afterward.  For the pole, metal-plastic epoxy has to be used for labeling.

IWE has done this work for South Korean clients.

What are meter requirements?

Once the inverter is chosen, let says 6kw power one inverter.

We can obtain the specific from the inverter manufacture for the meter requirement.


Need metering system to measure wind speeds?

IWE uses power-one metering system:


For weather Inspeed.com:


Both system can be integrated IWE system.


Can we add a light?

Depending on which part of the turbine, IWE designer can put LED lighting on the turbine.

This is a custom design work just like a fancy motorcycle.


Can we add a solar panel?

Solar panel can be put on the turbine.

The client and designer has to work together to come up with ideal design first.


Ice accumulation on the wind turbine blade system? Proof?

Icing on the blade does occur on the large megawatt three blades with 80 m in length with 2m   width or more.

On the small wind turbine especially two blade rotors,

if there were slight imbalance of the blade due the snow or ice rain, the blade stands vertically and it will fall right off.

This is a bigger issue with a three blade system then two blade one.

Unfortunately, at the time of the two blade system observation, video could not be taken.

We will continue to pursue this following year for the actual proof.

We have photo on the face book:


Slight wind can move the blade.

We never can seem to photography the turbine blade horizontally.

What is the full price to IWE for the 10kw?

Our generator is capable of doing 15kw.
Depending upon the inverter choice, the price will vary
Please email: pson@infinitewindenergyllc.com

When will the turbine be ready?

This is depending on the inventory status.
Delivery time is within 3 month or less.

When do you expect payment?

The day of the contract is signed.
If it is a volume order, term can be negotiated.

What is the warranty?
5 year warranty

Do you have an order form for review?
Once the model and inverter is chosen, IWE can write up

an order form.

How will you determine where to put the turbine?
This depends on the wind study and the client’s site.

Do you want it to be on a pole or roof top? (Water tower?)
Our prefer choice is a pole using hydraulic lift.
Roof top is for sub 2kw turbine.
Water tower or any other tower has to be custom engineering.


If there is any scheduled part replacement of IWE wind turbines?

No scheduled part replacement.